Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As we started to Trichy....

It was Dennison Sister's wedding reception on 13 June and we (Mushataq and my bro Prabhu) started to Trichy from East - Tambaram. The Ultra-Deluxe bus started by 12 O' which was scheduled to start by 11.15PM (Indian Standard Time).

As soon as the bus started and cruised on the GST Road I heard a grinding sound from the rear wheel side. I said myself "Dude!!! This is gonna be a great journey". The conductor emerged from the driver’s cabin and started checking the tickets. GST was so good that the bus cruised like a car. I tried to close my eyes to doze and heard the grinding sound (grrrrr #*$%^) again. At this point of time i would like to introduce two villains to you

1. Grinding sound (grrrrr #*$%^) from the bus
2. The conductor (You'll come to know what made the conductor a villain)

Time was rolling and the clock stuck 12:30AM, and all of the sudden the lights inside was put on. Our second villain emerged and he started checking his trip sheets. I was little irritated with the light and looked through the window. There was lot of concrete buildings coming on GST Road, some of them was really cool esp. a Olympic lamp shaped building by L&T. By this time the conductor left and the lights was put off.

A little later when the bus slowed, with a grrrrr #*$%^. Every one was annoyed with the sound but none of them hesitated to ask either the driver or conductor about the sound.

The time would have been 1:00 AM and there was no sound from the deck of the bus. Now there was a theory set "When the bus slows-> grrrrr #*$%^.... When it speeds -> Happy journey"... All of the sudden lights were put on and conductor emerged back. Now he was insisting everyone to close the window right from the first row. He asked the first right row, then the second, third fourth and didn't mind others. It appeared to me that was focused on the second-right row.

Amused by this I lifted my head and gave a glance at the person on the 2nd row. My guessing was right; there were a couple of girls in half sleep. After a while 2nd villain disappeared. I thought of slapping the conductor if he puts the light on the next time. In the mean time where ever the bus slowed down there was a grrrrr #*$%^ down the deck.

I tried hard to close my eyes and enter into the paradise of dreams to sing a duet with any of the available heroines at that time... there was a flash....

Conductor is back again!!!! I thought that someone called him, but this time he was carrying some papers and leaned near the 2nd row and started gazing at the gals pretending to do some calculations. I got furious and was trying to control myself. He left after a while and I didn't know when I slept with the periodical grrrrr #*$%^ sound from the bus.

In half sleep I remember that the conductor peep’d in a couple of times. He never came in my dream or else I would have kicked his a** off.

As the night passed i woke up and found that the bus has carried us nearly 350 Km from Chennai. Yup, we have landed in Trichy. While getting down, out of curiosity I asked the driver “What was the sound from the deck”, with a smile he said “The main axel was not properly connected to the rear wheel” he also added tat “I was afraid that the bus would halt in some unknown location, but thank God all of us reached safely”. I thanked him personally and got off the bus. Since the lodge was already booked we headed straight to Hotel Sevana.

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  1. Damn the conductor. They always enjoy these small heavenly pleasures.

    I wish I was a conductor than a software pro ;)