Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rain Clouds in the sky......

From morning, i felt very comfortable with the day. Everything happened so well, and wow!!.. today's a good day. By evening thought of taking a walk to bus stop with my colleague rather than going with my Bro. It started to rain when i got into MTC. Long after i traveled in foot board, it was really cool and i enjoyed getting out in running at every stop and getting in after the bus moved. Some one inside played songs of Ayan in his "Korean mobile" (Background music for the situation). The whole stretch from Sholinganallore to Perumbakkam was so cool and i felt the drizzle dashing in my face. I began humming

"Rain Clouds in the sky, ( I ) Don't know why
They make me blue, when I'm thinking of you

Maybe they want to cry, As I walk on by
Hiding my tears, in a world of good byes..."

within myself from Hariharan's Colonial Cousins. Time went by and i reached home leaving the rain to sing the rest of the song.

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  1. Betran kooda porathukku bathila ippadi thenaikkum busila polam. It is the best way ;)