Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is Williams Matric school, and in our little band....

It’s nearly 2-3 yrs since I visited my school where I did my schooling(6-12th). As we (I, Vivin and Jai) started from Vivin's home on Sunday 5th it was nearly 4:00 pm. With Jai's new Pulsar we headed to our school. Our plan was to just have a look at the school premises and return back, but we were lucky. Yupp!! the school gate was open. The school watchman Bhuvan anna whom we know earlier during school days greeted us with a smile.

While vivin and jai were busy gossiping with anna I took a walk in veranda, turning the pages of my memories. Wow!! I could still remember my school song and most of the choir songs and morning assemblies where we use to stand in white and white on Monday, blue and white on weekdays and sports uniform on Friday. Gosh... three type of uniforms for a single week. But at that time we enjoyed wearing those monkey color T-shirts cos of the 45 min PT period which we use to have on that day.

Since the buildings were locked we headed to the rear end of the school ground where we use to have out lunch buffets. You won’t believe me... for the whole of 12th standard I never had lunch which my mom prepared for me. Usually jai use to have my lunch or it’ll get distributed to all of us. Mostly 5-7 of us use to sit together for lunch; every one's lunch will have some specialty. Vivin's kerala delicacies; Naveen's south-indian meals; Jaga's puliyotharai; kalyanam's bisibolabath and curd rice; Jai's sambar-rice . Those 4ft tall pongamiya glabara where we use to dine underneath had grown tall enough.

"Hey!!! Look at this da!! "Vivin said after looking at the bark of a tree which we use to call kodi-kalakka-maram. I was really amazed on seeing our names carved on the tree's bark; First was "vivin" then my name "christy", then "vignesh" and the at the rear it was "jai". These names date back to 2001AD where we did those inscriptions for fun. It is some 3000 days old and our names stands still, Wow!!!! great!!!!

After a few snaps we moved back to the sheds where we studied 7th, 8th and 9th standard; after a few snaps we climbed up to first floor. It was our Physics cum Chemistry cum Biology labs. We learnt resonance, salt analysis, dissection [both rat and frog], handled tuning fork, pipettes, burettes, test-tubes, ammeter,voltmeter, mercury, diodes and lot more in those labs.

The time was nearly 5:30pm, and i realised that memories consume most of our time and decided to leave... After some snaps we left the school. When we started our bikes and left the school our school song echoed in my ears..

“This is Williams Matric School...
And in our little band are the best of all the boys and girls of India's coral stand...
We are learning all we can for our dear motherland..
May our school live for ever and ever..

We'll aspire and achieve to be truly great and great..
For we founder on rock and not on shifting sand..
For justice and for truth we'll surely take our stand..
May our school live for ever and ever

We are children of this school ..
And we are proud of it too..
Where ever we go and what ever we do..
for India we'll work and for India we'll be true
May our school live for ever and ever.."

That night before I fell asleep I thought that i had the best of my days at school which I should treasure in my memories.

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  1. Wow!!! Ur blog awas really fantastic .. It made me to go back to my school days and think f those wonderful moments...
    Hats off to ur blog Sire!!